Photo: Artplastica Plastic Surgery Clinic Photo: Artplastica Plastic Surgery Clinic Photo: Artplastica Plastic Surgery Clinic

Artplastica Plastic Surgery Clinic

Wojciechowskiego 7, 71-476 Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie

Artplastica Plastic Surgery Clinic is a renowned medical facility specializing in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Doctors providing their services  at the clinic are experts with years of experience gained not only  in Poland but also abroad,  whose dedication to work have earned them confidence of patients and the medical community recognition. The clinic has a modern, fully equipped operating room, the latest generation of medical devices and professional staff, ensuring patient safety and  a proper care.


The facility offers a wide range of plastic surgery treatments (including body contouring, various breast procedures including enlargement, reduction and lift, rhinoplasty, eyelid correction, face and neck lift, etc.) and aesthetic medicine treatments (including Pellevé , laser eCO2, platelet-rich plasma injections, hyaluronic acid fillers etc.).

The proper course of treatment is supervised by the entire medical team, and patients who underwent general anesthesia are monitored round the clock by the clinic personnel.

It is worth to mention that preoperative consultations are held in three languages: Polish, English and German. Internal procedures implemented in the clinic provide its patients complete privacy, moreover,  all post-operative appointments are free of charge.


The prestige of the clinic is visible in the interest of Polish and international media. Over the years press releases about Artplastica clinic appeared among Forbes, The Independent, Discover Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza, Newsweek, Rzeczpospolita, TVN, TVN CNBC etc.


During many years of activity clinic has won countless awards, proving its leading position on the medical market:  just to mention 4-time winner of Quality International for the period of 2010-2013, the Quality International Pearl 2012 and Quality of the Year 2011 & 2013.


CHOOSE YOUR DOCTOR! Professionals who work with us:

M.D. Arkadiusz Kuna -  plastic surgery specialist

M.D. Grażyna Nasińska-Jurek - plastic and pediatric surgery specialist

M.D.-Ph.D. Tomasz Dydymski - plastic surgery specialist

M.D.-Ph.D. Fabian Urban - in the course of specialization in plastic surgery

M.D. Przemysław Czyżyk - in the course of specialization in general surgery

M.D.-Ph.D. Monika Golanowska - surgeon

M.D. Ewa Soczawa - non surgical treatments

M.D. Krystyna Szymala - dermatologist

M.D.-Ph.D. Marek Zienkiewicz -  anesthesia and intensive care specialist

M.D.-Ph.D. Małgorzata Zegan - anesthesia and intensive care specialist

M.D. Wojciech Blaszczyk - anesthesia and intensive care specialist

The process of reserving a visit is very simple. Just choose date You would like to come to clinic and services You are interested in. We will inform clinic about Your request. Clinic will reply and we will inform You about the status of the visit.
Treatments: Price range:
200 - 1000 PLN
880 - 1540 PLN
616 - 660 PLN
660 - 1496 PLN
7480 - 8580 PLN
6380 - 9680 PLN
4180 - 6380 PLN
3608 - 3740 PLN
8580 - 8800 PLN
8580 - 13860 PLN
9680 - 13860 PLN
13420 - 15620 PLN
8580 - 12980 PLN
8580 - 10780 PLN
660 - 3300 PLN
7480 - 9680 PLN
7480 - 7920 PLN
3740 - 13860 PLN
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Wojciechowskiego 7, 71-476 Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie