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Laguna Medical Sp. z o. o.

Plac Kaszubski 1, 81-350 Gdynia, Pomorskie

Laguna Medical Sp. z o.o. is among the fastest growing companies of medical profile in Pomerania. For over 15 years the Company has been continuously expanding in the field of medical services gaining a growing number of satisfied patients.

We offer a wide range of treatment in Ophthalmology, including cataract, strabismus operations, eyelids plastic surgery or intravitreal injections. We are the only private center in the Tri-City performing vitrectomy procedures. Laguna Medical is a recommended treatment center providing laser vision correction methods including LASIK, Epi LASIK, LASEK and EBK - our ophthalmologists specializing in refractive surgery performed such procedures as the first team  in Pomerania. For those not qualifying for laser correction surgery we propose alternative methods of treatment, including implants, intraocular lenses (presbyopia treatment), or cross linking (treatment of keratoconus) as the only Centre in Tri-City.

We also recommend our services in the field of orthopedics and general surgery

W Laguna Estetica oferujemy zabiegi z zakresu medycyny estetycznej: chirurgia plastyczna, dermatologia estetyczna, dermatologia i dermatochirurgia, medycyna estetyczna narządu wzroku.In 2016, a new division was opened - Laguna Estética, specializing in comprehensive servicesfor patients seeking solutions for the imperfections of their looks. As a part of Laguna Medical, Laguna Estética provides services in the field of plastic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, aesthetic medicine of eye vision, dermatology and dermatosurgery.

Our specialists include ophthalmologists, dermatologists, orthopedists, surgeons and proctologists who work on excellent quality quipment and are supported by highly qualified medical personnel. At our centers we pay attention to the high quality of equipment as well as to the qualifications and competence of the entire Laguna Medical team to the full satisfaction and safety of our patients as our priority. We have been cooperating with well-known medical centers across Poland and Laguna Medical professionals will provide you with their medical assistance in the centers of the Tri-City, Warsaw, Torun, Bydgoszcz and Piła where we have established our partnerships,with the plans to open more centers in the near future.

Our top standard medical center in the heart of Gdynia comprises a clinic, a specialist eye-treatment  center  plus a complex of offices and a private hospital with a fully equipped operating theater. We believe that our key to success, confirmed by the increasing number of patients, lies in both the highly qualified skillful medical staff and the investment in modern equipment. Apart from that, by following the ISO standards we monitor the quality of services and management. The compliance with the highest standards has been certified by ISO.

We are involved in and organize various social activities. We are always at the forefront of the innovators in the field of treatment and medical technological equipment of private entities in Poland. 

The process of reserving a visit is very simple. Just choose date You would like to come to clinic and services You are interested in. We will inform clinic about Your request. Clinic will reply and we will inform You about the status of the visit.
Treatments: Price range:
280 - 1000 PLN
2561 - 3586 PLN
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Plac Kaszubski 1, 81-350 Gdynia, Pomorskie